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Karen Knowles


$16-$18 HOURLY!!

Hello future potential tutor!  My name is Karen Knowles, owner of Wasatch Tutors.  We have spent a decade tutoring students of all ages, and establishing an amazing environment for learning and working. 

I have realized that we aren't a success without YOU, the tutor!  For this reason, we ONLY hire expert tutors that have gone through a rigorous qualification to be eligible to tutor for us.  Not only have all of our tutors been tested for their knowledge and expertise on all major subjects in school and ACT Prep, they also have the amazing ability to connect with their students.  Applying prospects must be able to score a 31 or above on the ACT test that we will give you in our center in Sandy. 
We are not ashamed in saying that we only hire 'the best of the best' because we have a professional responsibility to the parents and students who come to us for help!

We are currently looking for expert tutors looking for a wonderful environment to work and to really make a difference in the lives of students!  Should you feel that this is an opportunity that you would like to pursue, please apply today...we look forward reviewing your resume!

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Please either use a link to your resume or email us a copy to:  Thank you!

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