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Marie W.
My son needed some additional help with science. Karen, the owner, was fantastic at listening to what my son's need were and then pairing him with a tutor, she felt would be the best fit. It was a great fit. My son was not only able to get the help he needed, but also gained a better understanding of the subject material. My son's schedule varied greatly and Karen was always wonderful to try and meet our needs and even shuffle things around to make it work for us. The facility at Wasatch Tutoring is beautiful, clean and well laid out. Both my son and I have been happy with our experience here and would recommend it to our friends.

Ragen B.
I contacted Karen at Wasatch Tutors because I was at my rope's end with my 11th grade son who was bright, but flunking almost everything. Nothing I did was propelling him toward graduation. Within 2 phone calls, I was ready (mostly from sheer desperation) to begin my student's tutoring sessions with Wasatch Tutors. Little did I know what a treasure I had discovered in Karen and her service!

Karen successfully paired my son with his new tutor almost instantly, and now he is doing quite well. He has already completed a few packets and has brought his current GPA up. His tutor keeps him motivated, and forces him to be accountable which has helped tremendously. His tutor has such a great rapport with my son and this has kept him moving forward.

Karen's facility is beautiful, peaceful and calm which allows the students to work effectively. My son enjoys his time there. I worried about the cost, but I've found that the success my son has experienced thus far is well worth the overall cost. I highly recommend Wasatch Tutors to anyone needing help with current or past work. You will not be sorry you called!!

Amanda B.
I loved how Karen and her team used a targeted approach with their tutoring method. They discovered my son's weaknesses and problem areas and helped him immensely, encouraging him every step of the way. They were flexible with our schedule. They gave great follow up and regular progress reports! They were very professional and organized. I feel like our time and money were put to good use. With their help Tyler ended up with a 35 on his A.C.T.  With that under his belt he will have less to worry about during his senior year next year. Thanks Wasatch Tutors!

Paul C.
Amazing staff. The Tutors are excellent. My Daughter was excited to go and actually enjoyed her experience. They were able to set goals, and then exeed them. She raised her ACT score by several points. Part of her benefit was just the simple confidence level that everyone at Wasatch Tutors helped her to gain..... Very happy, and very proud. Highly recommended.

Stephanie M.
Karen and the entire staff at Wasatch Tutors are amazing! I appreciate that they have been so committed to my daughter's success and provide an encouraging learning environment. She comes home from tutoring sessions motivated and confident. In addition to providing us with insights about all aspects of the ACT test, they have also given us helpful information about college admissions and scholarship opportunities.

Carrie W.

I contacted Karen at Wasatch tutors because my son was in need of some ACT help. He plays football and has some Colleges looking at him but we knew he needed help to up his score. He has had some great help with math and science and we have seen a huge improvement in his practice test scores. We are looking forward to seeing his test score for April. My son always feels good after  his tutoring session.

Sharon B.
Karen and her teachers are amazing! I would absolutely recommend Wasatch Tutors! My son looked forward to his sessions...what young man looks forward to more “school work”?! This just shows how great the teachers are! They helped my son raise his ACT score by several points! Christian was not only accepted into the Engineering program at UofU, but he also got a scholarship! If your son or daughter need extra help with school work or their upcoming ACT test, definitely Call Karen and make an appointment today!

Jennafer J.
Excellent experience.  My son brought his score up 5 points!  The best part is that he loved working with Mathew and the other tutors. He was actually bummed after his final session becuase he liked the staff so much.  They took a personal interest in him and he felt incredibly supported and prepared.  There was so much communication with me as well to set up sessions and reminders--felt like a concierge service.

Liz H.

We have always had great results with Wasatch Tutors.  They are wonderful about getting us in even with a last minute call of desperation when we have a test or something important due...tomorrow.  Always friendly and take a real interest in my kids successes.  We recommend them to anyone!

Larry B.

Karen and her staff were very professional and thorough in assessing the strengths and weaknesses of our son and developing a plan tailored to his needs.  I was most impressed that they not only showed him what to do, but also how to do it.  “Go study“ is easy to say, but what to study and how to study were critical to his success and early admission to the engineering school at the University of Utah on scholarship.

Karli R.
I loved my experience at Wasatch tutors. The tutors are great and the environment is very welcoming. I needed help improving my writing, and Melinda exceeded my expectations. This is a great place for

All of the Tutors know exactly what they are doing. They go above and beyond to get me higher than my goals. When I come it doesn't feel like school because everyone is so friendly and makes it entertaining. I look forward to coming every week and leave feeling accomplished. Overall it's a really great place, and I highly recommend it.

Angela J.
Wasatch Tutors is a fantastic learning center!  The owner and staff are very knowledgeable and have been very accommodating of my child's schedule.   I am so grateful for all of their help and guidance!!  I would definitely recommend them to any of my friends or family!!

Laura M.

I'm so thankful for Wasatch tutors, they have helped my 15 year old so much. Such positive energy and a friendly environment. I highly suggest them!!!

Hayden R.
I've been trying to get ahead in school and study the ACT early. At first it was overwhelming and I could not figure out a good approach. I found Wasatch Tutors and set up a couple of sessions. They made it easy to understand and fun to study!

I have been here since the very beginning and i love it here!!! Great place great people and a very positive environment. I have gone to another act prep place and it doesn"t even compare.

Becky J.
We've had a great experience with Wasatch Tutors. Karen & her tutors are  very accomodating with hectic teenage schedules. We are happy to have found this great service!

Emma M.
I love Wasatch Tutors! The tutors are excellent and really know their stuff. I went up 13 points from my original score and I'm working towards another 3 more points.

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