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Dear Parent,

I'm sure that at this point in your student's life you've been either seeking or receiving information on how to best prepare your your student academically, specifically in the area of the ACT Test. The ACT Test is only a portion of the college admissions process and yet they still help decide where your student will spend some very formative years of his or her life.

As a parent, I know you want to seek out the best for your student, including which ACT prep program to enroll them in. However, with so many options, it can be difficult to choose. In the following pages I hope to show you how Wasatch Tutors ACT tutoring differs from other ACT programs out there.

If you've researched small group or classroom ACT prep courses:
Please understand that Wasatch Tutors has had only one focus since its launch: specialized, 1-to-1 tutoring.  ACT private tutoring is a high end service and, given that you and your student can invest in it, can be the most effective way to increase your student's ACT scores because of how it addresses your child's specific needs. From our experience, our 1-to-1 tutoring method is the MOST effective strategy for learning, because it allows your child to receive a tutor's direct, undivided attention.

Sometimes students can be afraid to speak up in groups; 1-to-1 tutoring means that they can ask questions freely without the pressures of pretending to know everything in front of peers. 1-to-1 tutoring also means that your student will be fully accountable to keep up with studies and work without other students to possibly hide behind.

Classroom and small group lessons can be helpful but I've never seen one that allows lessons to be personalized to the strengths and weaknesses of each and every student. With a Wasatch Tutors ACT tutor, your child will have a tutor and curriculum geared specifically to him or her.

If you already had 1-to-1 ACT tutoring in mind:
This may sound repetitive but it's an important point: private 1-to-1 tutoring is Wasatch Tutors specialty and only method of test prep. There are companies in the test prep industry which offer ACT private tutoring, but very few of them only offer private 1-to-1 tutoring. Most companies offer general services in test prep classes at local schools or in small group ACT test prep in learning centers. Wasatch Tutors offers specialization solely in 1-to-1 tutoring.

In order for 1-to-1 tutoring to be fully effective it must also be built around the unique needs of each student. You can't provide a solution which will address every student's needs without first meeting the student. Too many companies offer tutoring sessions using the exact same materials and coursework as in their classroom course offerings.

If you want a successful and effective ACT tutoring program then you need to be willing to commit all your resources to it; test prep companies trying to create classroom programs, small group courses, and 1-to-1 tutoring all at once just can't specialize as well. They end up with a general curriculum and program, naturally leading to unaddressed specific program weaknesses.

And here I invite you to come in for a FREE CONSULTATION with your student and learn more about our specialized ACT programs.  We have an abundance of ACT test prep experience and we gladly embrace the opportunity to work alongside you during this season of test preparation.


Karen Knowles

Wasatch Tutors

FREE Consultation

To better evaluate your students needs,  WASATCH TUTORS offers you a FREE / NO OBLIGATION consultation for both parents and students in  a private setting.  This way we can meet you and your student your needs and goals!

Our ONE to ONE Tutoring Philosophy

Some tutoring companies out there use 2 to 1 or even 4 to 1 learning platforms to teach. Yes, it does reduce cost...but does your child get the result you want? What is the real cost if your student isn't getting the result? At WASATCH TUTORS, we only use ONE to ONE teaching to give your student the best result!

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