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Is your student struggling with their grades?  
Are they falling behind in their classes at school?

 As a parent of 4 children, I know the struggles and frustrations that students can feel when they are falling behind in school.  It's NO FUN!  As much as my husband and I desperately wanted to help them, we couldn't as we hadn't been in school for sometime.  There were times we felt helpless as parents and didn't know where to turn.  Seeing our kids struggling was heartbreaking.  Looking back, I wish we would have sought more help through tutors that were expert in certain subjects.  Sometimes a little help in a particular subject can really make a difference in a student's experience, boosting confidence and feeling good about themselves!  Wherever your student is in their experience...Wasatch Tutors Can Help!

Karen Knowles
Wasatch Tutors

Girl - Frustrated Homework.jpg
Subjects Tutored:
  • Math
    - Algebra
    - Calculus
    - AP Calculus
    - Trigonometry
  • Science
    - Physics
    - Chemistry
    - Biology
  • English
  • Writing
  • History
  • School Packets
  • Homework Help
  • And More!!
Our ONE to ONE Tutoring Philosophy

Some tutoring companies out there use 2 to 1 or even 4 to 1 learning platforms to teach. Yes, it does reduce cost...but does your child get the result you want? What is the real cost if your student isn't getting the result? At WASATCH TUTORS, we only use ONE to ONE teaching to give your student the best result!

FREE Consultation

To better evaluate your students needs,  WASATCH TUTORS offers you a FREE / NO OBLIGATION consultation for both parents and students in  a private setting.  This way we can meet you and your student your needs and goals!

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